Sex Without Love? Sex Is Overrated

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sex is overrated


11 thoughts on “Sex Without Love? Sex Is Overrated”

  1. Thank you so much for this. Yes, so many people only see the sexual side of relatiohsips, which brings a lot of pain to others. So many men get bored of their wives once they get their first wrinkle and grey hair. I do not understand this. Each person has the entire universe in them, so much to explore, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually! Every man and woman has all other human beings within themselves. There is no need to cheat and abandon your family, just be brave to open your hearts and minds.

  2. I've been celibate 11yrs. I have found sex is not a need … but an energetic expression of kinship love towards our chosen life partner. Romance is meaningful though to me… because in it I learn more of my partner. Learning what's in their heart. This is how I do romance. To find out his likes, his habits,his personality,his dreams,his desires and share my whole self with him as well. Removing all shields that we may have put up as a habit to not reveal our true nature. Discovering who we truly are as individuals and enhancing that in one another. To me this is romance. This is love. Many blessings to you and your channel. I love some of your discussions.♥️

  3. I wanted real love. Not merely the sex.

    I feel sadness for my ex Fiancée now. She does not know yet the pain, the psychological damage, the emptiness that she has ahead of her now.

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