Ep. 6 Workout with Friends & Managing Alcohol for Weight Loss | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding

Can you still consume alcohol when trying to lose weight or maintain a fit lifestyle? That’s one of the main topics addressed in Week 9 of Dianne’s Fit-for-Wedding Challenge from ProSource. Another key issue addressed in this episode is the importance of social support when trying to lose weight.

Dianne has good family and friends around her, but they still tend to enable her desires rather than keep her accountable to what she needs in order to lose weight. Eating and drinking alcohol with her girlfriends and bridesmaids is a weekly ritual that they enjoy together as a way to maintain their relationships and reduce stress. But all of those empty calories from wine are a big contributor to weight gain. So is it possible to still enjoy a social life and still drink alcohol?

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Holly Pinkham, Dianne’s personal trainer, comes over to discuss this issue and put Dianne’s workout through a friend. During their weekly workouts, Dianne has shared the areas where she tends to over indulge, so Holly decides it’s time to meet Dianne’s support system and see how they can better support her and how all of them can cut down on alcohol and increase exercise.

She tells them about how much of a hindrance wine and cocktails can be to losing weight, because it prevents the body from burning fat for fuel, reduces quality of sleep, causes you to eat and drink more, dehydrates you, and often stop people from working out the next day. She brings them some zero calorie, zero sugar mixers from Be Mixed as another option for their wine nights. These can be mixed with tonic water or a single shot of alcohol to drastically reduce calorie consumption to make drinking part of a healthy lifestyle when used in moderation.

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Holly’s black and white workout pants courtesy of www.JustLive.com

They also all do a workout together ahead of time in the park, a high intensity interval workout with partners. This shows them that it can be both fun and social to workout together, and a healthier way to spend time together. It also keeps their heart rate up high almost the entire time.

Partner Workout: 45 seconds per station, 20 seconds rest to change stations

Exercises: Reverse lunge to medicine ball toss, Russian twists, Squat to press with dumbbells, Burpees, Sumo squat with back fly with a resistance band, Agility ladder drills

ProSource equipment used in this episode: Rubber Medicine Balls, Neoprene Dumbbells, Tri-Fold Folding Mat, Stackable Resistance Bands, Speed Agility Ladder.

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