Compound Exercise – How You Can Make it Your Own

Compound exercise regimens are the most effective way to be able to lose weight and stay healthy. It may seem to be a highly technical program but read on to see that compound exercise is a simple way to better health.

What is Compound Exercise

Many health experts have encouraged focusing on exercising a single muscle, called isolation exercises. This means that if you want to exercise the biceps, you would only do dumb bell curls and nothing more. Compound exercise, on the other hand, is a more effective and efficient way to work out muscles. The idea is to do exercises that work more muscle groups and this makes compound exercises a more effective way to exercise.

The Reasons why Compound Exercises are Better

Compound exercises are clearly the more effective and efficient ways to a better body and weight loss. Here are the reasons why this is so:

* The more muscles are stimulated when you do compound exercises. By working more muscles as you work out, you are actually using less time to work the exercises needed for the development of muscles. This makes for a more holistic approach to exercise, more energy is used and more fat is burned up by the activity.
* The more intense the workout means more muscles get an intense workout and the many muscles get worked out. By doing compound exercises, even if there are certain muscles that are worked on at high intensity, other muscles still get worked out. This means less effort on your part and less stress by lessening the workout for the individual muscles.
* There is lesser risk of overextending muscles with compound exercises since more muscles do the work. With compound exercises, a larger group of muscles are worked thus lessening the load on any one muscle which in turn allows other muscles to take the stress.
* There is less time done on weightlifting with compound exercises, allowing for other means of exercises for the body. The most intense kind of workout is weight lifting or resistance training. By doing compound exercises, you spend lesser time lifting weights and you can do other flexibility exercises for a more complete workout.

Compound Exercise – The Techniques

Doing compound exercises is simple thing. Here are techniques for doing compound exercises.

* Identify the muscles you want developed. For example, if you want to develop your arms, you can also work on your chest muscles. The key here is identifying the best exercise to work on the most number of muscles around the muscles you want to develop.
* Rest your muscles. Muscles, when they are not given enough time to rest and recuperate will not develop as much and will even tend to become weak rather than become stronger as you do the exercises.
* Technique matters. How you do your exercises are key to the work they make your muscles do. If you do them correctly, you will be able to maximize the effect to the effort that you do. Doing them incorrectly may even cause you injury, so be careful how you do a high intensity compound exercise.

Compound exercise programs are the best way to have a complete body workout for fitness and health. Isolation weight training is better left to those into body sculpting and body building, but for most individuals seeking a fitter and sexier body, compound exercise is the best way to reach your goals.

Source by Andrew X Jones

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