How I prevented my 'Fat Lumps (Lipoma)' ? (English)

This is really how I prevented my fat lumps (lipoma). My Fat lumps or Lipoma was prevented by me by limiting my fat intake to under ~100gms/day. It worked for me. This is English version of the video.


7 thoughts on “How I prevented my 'Fat Lumps (Lipoma)' ? (English)”

  1. Same situations bro
    I have been suffering from multiple lipomatosis for last five years .
    They are increasing in number and size
    I have heard about your review and I am really inspired about that .
    I want to know that how lipomas could be treated with Ayurveda .
    Can you please help me with that.
    I believe that gymming really impact on that ,because whenever I started gym and stopped it,new lipomas stared to come out .

  2. I have increased my weight rapidly in 1-2 years i have got this fat lumps on my thigh and hand 2- 4 in abodmenback ….it is lipoma or wt ……after increasing my weight i got this small lumps ….shld i follw excersise or diet will both help me in stop increasing more

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