Diet For Weight Loss Women – 25 Tricks to Cut Calories This Holiday Season

Diet For Weight Loss Women – 25 Tricks to Cut Calories This Holiday Season
With your office holiday party, family gatherings, and shindigs with friends, the opportunities to slip up around the holidays and gain a few pounds seem endless, and it can be a slippery slope if you head into the festive months unprepared. However, while there’s no arguing that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by food choices in the holiday season, there are some tips and swaps to have in your back pocket to ensure you don’t stray from your wellness goals in the coming weeks.
Some swaps are easy to keep in mind—enjoying a glass of red wine instead of high-fat eggnog—while others, such as making the equally delicious green bean almondine instead of green bean casserole, might seem less obvious but are also very effective. So before you hit the holiday buffet and make some questionable choices, arm yourself with an array of pointers that will help you survive the holidays.
And for more tips to help you recover from the onslaught of holiday foods you’ll be indulging in, check out 40 Ways to Recover From Holiday Eating.

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